Quality wood chip and logs for commercial and domestic customers


We supply wood fuel products for biomass boilers and wood burning stoves

Using only virgin timber from local forestry, we produce top quality wood chip and logs at highly competitive prices. A family run business, we operate from our processing plant at our farm in Ayrshire, providing premier products with low moisture content and maximum heat efficiency.

We are completely focussed on providing a first class service and the highest level of customer care. With a consistent supply of stock, we make sure you have the fuel you need at all times, offering immediate collection and fast delivery across Ayrshire, Lanarkshire and west central Scotland.

With our own on-site drying facilities, including an extensive drying store with underfloor fans, we also offer biomass drying services for a range of materials and products such as wood, waste paper and hay.





We provide premium quality logs for commercial biomass log boilers, domestic wood burning stoves and open fires.

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Wood Chip

We provide biomass wood chip to a range of commercial, industrial and public sector customers including hotels, hospitals and the agricultural sector.

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Biomass is becoming one of the most commonly used sources of renewable fuel for homes and businesses.

Use of biomass – the energy from plants and plant materials – offers a wide range of environmental and financial advantages:

  • It offers low emissions and is almost carbon neutral – this means it has the potential to dramatically reduce global greenhouse gas emissions.
  • It can be sourced locally, reducing emissions resulting from transporting fuels from abroad.
  • It supports sustainable forestry – new trees are planted to replace the ones being cut down. These new, growing trees soak up carbon and help clean up the atmosphere.
  • It’s a renewable fuel source, while traditional sources such as gas and oil are running out.
  • It’s much cheaper than fossil fuels, offering considerably lower running costs. Additional financial rewards are also available through the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) for domestic and non-domestic use.
  • It has a more stable price – far less sensitive to price increases than oil and gas, it offers users more control over energy costs.
  • Biomass boilers are highly efficient, clean and sophisticated – releasing minimal pollutants into the atmosphere, they are close to being completely smokeless.

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